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Control Solutions, Inc.

i.Report VP3-TM10

Type:  Monitoring Hardware
Description:  The i.Report VP3-TM10 Modbus Text Messenger is a self-contained remote monitoring and alarm notification system that monitors data points in one or more Modbus RTU devices and alerts users via SMS when an event has been detected that somebody should know about. A single VP3-TM10 can monitor up to 100 data points from one or more devices on the network. An event can be a level exceeding a threshold high or low, a change in state, change in value, or deviation from a setpoint. The VP3-TM10 Modbus Text Messenger offers simple yet powerful remote monitoring without the need for a monitoring service.
Connectivity:  Modbus RTU
Features:  Self-contained remote monitoring & alarm notification system; Monitors data points in one or more Modbus RTU devices; Alerts one or more users via SMS when event detected; User configurable SMS messages with dynamic content; Up to 100 data objects (Modbus registers); Alarm settings, SMS message content programmable per object; Up to 50 user phone book, 8 user groups; Notify multiple users with configurable delay & repeat times; Notification escalation with repeat when not acknowledged; Password protected replies accepted from authorized users; Unrecognized phone numbers ignored; Optionally change parameters or command outputs remotely; Modbus RTU 1200 to 38400 baud, up to 100 RTU devices; Master or slave; Modbus RTU "Sniffer Mode"; 4G LTE compatible.
Specifications:  See attached spreadsheet.